Image of The Second One *French Issue*

The Second One *French Issue*


This is the second issue of Hot Potato, a newspaper created for you. My name is Naoise (Knee-Sha) and over the past nine months I have assisted approximately 60 creatives and writers who have curated the 52 pages in this publication.

Following on from ‘the first one’, each team has been given a news topic to respond to.

The typefaces, masthead, layout and anything to do with the role ‘Graphic Designer’ was produced by Shauna Buckley (Shaw-Na), who’s design was initially influenced by fleeting newspaper ‘Strumpet’, which existed in the early 80’s in North Dublin, Ireland.

The Hot Potato campaign ‘In partnership with your brain’ was managed by; Bridie Gilbert, Elise Madoe & Nadia Doherty.

The guest photo editor was Sophie Gladstone.